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Luxury Items & High Value Auctions

If you have items of great worth it behooves us to present you with the best option to achieve the highest return on your investment. We have relationships with auction houses in the US, UK and Europe and will place your item in the best location to make the most money for you.

Private & Virtual Online Sales

There are times when a homeowner does not want to open their home to public, yet they still need to sell their items. There are two ways to handle this: A Private Sale or an Online Auction. In some cases, there may be a luxury item that would be lost in an estate sale setting. We will find the best venue for you to sell this item for the greatest amount of money.

Private Sales

Private Sales are set up the same way a full estate sale is set up yet it is either invitation only or by appointment only. This ensures only a few, truly interested buyers are on premise at a time and it is a more controlled environment.

Online Virtual Estate Sales

If a homeowner does not want anyone in their home we can sell your items online. We set up a Virtual Estate Sale, set reserve prices, register bidders and then arrange for the delivery of the purchased items.


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