The Estate Sale and Private Auction

Whether you are moving, downsizing or responsible for the removal of a family member's belongings, Silver Creek Estate & Antique has all the tools you need to help make this a stress-free and profitable experience. It starts with a consultation where we discuss your items and their value and what we believe they will sell for. At this time we review the higher valued items and potential alternative options for selling them for the greatest amount of money.

We then finalize the items that you wish to sell and request that you remove all the items you wish to keep. We will then clean and polish where necessary, set up tables and displays and merchandise your belongings to be visually appealing to the buyers and, finally, photograph them for our advertising of your sale.

We will begin promoting your sale, without listing your address, up to two weeks before the sale. Twenty-four hours before the sale we make your address public. The morning of your sale we will arrive and place signage in the area to help guide buyers to your home. We will also control the crowd of "early-birds" and will not permit them to trespass on your property or to disturb your neighbors in the hours before your sale. When the doors open, we will control the number of people permitted inside at one time for the safety of the visitors as well as the protection of your home. We will have your sale staffed with educated sales people and security personnel and parking attendants if warranted.

At the completion of the sale, anything that is left over will either go to our Consignment Shop or we will help you decide upon charities to donate to. We leave your home clean and ready for the next step, be it a real estate closing or the listing of the home for sale. You will be given a complete accounting of receipts and will be paid when all payments to us have cleared.

For clients who do not wish to host their sale at their home, we can arrange for an off-site location. However, this can be a costly option. We are excited to offer the opportunity for our clients to host a  "virtual sale" where we will sell your items for you online. Whatever works the best for you, we can make it happen.

Below you will find more details about how we sell and what sells the best at a Silver Creek Antique & Estate Sale.


Exclusive  Mailing List of Collectors,

Dealers & Designers
Estate Sale Websites
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Print Media
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Tasteful Signage

What Sells

Antiques & Collectibles

Furniture & Home Decor

China, Silver, Crystal

Books & Art

Garden Furniture & Statuary

Advertising Art & Ephemera

Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Fine Furniture

Beautiful furniture is one of the most popular items at an estate sale. After our initial consultation, we will research its value to help determine proper pricing. In preparation for the estate sale, we will stage your furniture, photograph it and attend to the cleaning or polishing where necessary.

For high value antiques, vintage period or designer pieces, we can also recommend other venues for selling including online or at auction.

High Value Heirlooms

Should we determine that an item is too valuable for an estate sale setting, we will reach out to our network of collectors and experts in their respective fields.


For example, we recently acquired a piece that garnered great interest from local dealers. Upon further research we discovered its Austrian provenance and arranged to have it sold in Vienna where the seller could realize the highest return on their item - three times more than what they would have made selling it here.


Antiques & Collectibles

From fine china, crystal, silver, rugs, jewelry, clothing and accessories, books and decorative items, we will merchandise them in your home to their best display. Our talents as designers and home stagers helps your treasures be shown in their best light.

We will appraise your items and give you guidance on their worth. For the rare and highly sought after collector's item, we will offer other selling opportunities so you will receive as close to market price as possible.

Private & Virtual Online Sales

There are times when a homeowner does not want to open their home to public, yet they still need to sell their items. There are two ways to handle this: A Private Sale or an Online Auction. In some cases, there may be a luxury item that would be lost in an estate sale setting. We will find the best venue for you to sell this item for the greatest amount of money.

Private Sales

Private Sales are set up the same way a full estate sale is set up yet it is either invitation only or by appointment only. This ensures only a few, truly interested buyers are on premise at a time and it is a more controlled environment.

Online Virtual Estate Sales

If a homeowner does not want anyone in their home we can sell your items online. We set up a Virtual Estate Sale, set reserve prices, register bidders and then arrange for the delivery of the purchased items.

Childhood Collectibles

Dealers and collectors who seek specific items attend our estate sales to find the treasures they love. Through our wide ranging promotion of your sale -  if we show it, they will come.

Never think that buyers won't be interested in "that old thing." You would be surprised what the value is of something that seems past its prime.

This is why it is vital that you do not throw anything away before we have our first consultation. Once we go through everything, we will guide you on what you should keep and what you can discard.

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