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Punch with Teddy (Roosevelt)

President Roosevelt 1902 souvenier Oyster Bay Punch Cup
President Roosevelt 1902 Oyster Bay Punch Cup

In the summer of 1902, President and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt hosted a sun-filled garden party at the “Summer White House” in Oyster Bay. Thousands of guests lined the winding road of Oyster Bay Cove in their carriages to reach Sagamore Hill, which was bedecked with colorful flags and banners. Ginger snaps and punch was served on the great porch overlooking Oyster Bay harbor. Patriotic music played as Teddy Roosevelt greeted his guests with boisterous hello’s and vigorously shook each guest’s hand.

As a special souvenir to mark the occasion, three thousand crystal punch cups with the engraving "President Roosevelt, 1902, Oyster Bay” were given to the guests. There were not enough for the amount of people in attendance and there was quite a demand for these very special cups. They were provided by Bloomingdales in New York and they bear the Bloomingdale's "B" with stars on the base.

Bloomingdales commissioned crystal punch cup for President Roosevelt in 1902
1902 Crystal Punch Cup Made for Teddy Roosevelt by Bloomingdales

Very few of these cups survive today. One is in the Presidential Museum at Sagamore Hill.

Silver Creek Antique and Estate is honored to offer one of these very special punch cups from that sunny day at Sagamore Hill that was the first event to mark the beginning of TR’s 1904 campaign.

Article describing the Punch Cup

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Edward Bauer
Edward Bauer
Feb 28, 2023

What is the value of this cup as I have one directly given to my grandmother in the Oyster Bay school she attended.


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