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The Mystery and Magic of a Minaudiere

You know a true, vintage minaudiere when you see one. It will catch your eye, make your forget what you were saying, and compel you to ask to see it. In your hands, you are holding a piece of art that was made when the world was a glamorous and different place than it is today. All a lady needed when stepping out was something to hold her lipstick, comb, powder and some "mad money."

The more elegant the occasion, the more spectacular the piece became. Minaudieres were considered jewelry so they were made of a fine metal such as sterling, sterling decorated with gold, or guilloche. The clasp was a jewel. What's more, the interior was designed to be as beautiful as the exterior. One thing is certain, it is not a "purse" it is much more. It does something a purse could never do, transport you to a soft, summer evening, satin gowns, handsome dance partners and moonlight.

Sterling Silver Minaudier Edge
Beautiful Silverwork Creates Seamless Detail

Interior of an Art Deco Sterling Minaudiere
Intricate interior, as beautiful as exterior


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