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Closing on the house you’ve lived in for 30 years? We help our clients get organized, advise on what to save and what to sell through our beautiful Shop or through our exclusive Online Auctions. We seamlessly handled homes of all sizes, from 4,000 to 12,000+ square feet. Homes with high end, luxury items, designer decorated homes, and family homes with quality furnishings. Don’t let your upcoming move overwhelm you. Contact Silver Creek Antique & Estate for a private appointment.

Consignment & Auction Services

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What Sells

Antiques & Collectibles

Furniture & Home Decor

China, Silver, Crystal

Books & Art

Garden Furniture & Statuary

Advertising Art & Ephemera

Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Murray's Iron Works
Vintage Chinoiserie Chairs
Mastercraft Games Table

"When our mother passed we were left with a house full of all the things we grew up with. It seemed like my siblings and myself would never get it empty. Silver Creek helped us with kindness and patience and took it off our hands. We saved our heirlooms and sold the rest. We couldn't be happier."  Ellen, Mill Neck, NY

"After 25 years in our very large home, it was time to downsize. We were hesitant to use a service. Our realtor recommended Gina at Silver Creek. We visited her shop first and saw how beautiful it is and the quality of the merchandise she carries. We instantly felt at ease. She sold our more valuable antiques in her shop and did the auction for the rest. The result was an empty house, money in our pocket, and a great start to our new life down south. We can't thank Gina and Silver Creek enough." Rob and Chris, Brookville, NY


"Silver Creek turned the most stressful moment of my life into one of the most pleasurable. I'd still be in the hall closet if she hadn't rescued me."  Karl, Locust Valley

How it Works

Whether you are moving, downsizing or responsible for the removal of a family member's belongings, Silver Creek Estate & Antique has all the tools you need to help make this a stress-free and profitable experience. It starts with a consultation where we discuss your items and their value and what we believe will sell. We review the higher valued items and potential alternative options for selling them for the greatest amount of money. When items are finalized, we then merchandise them to be visually appealing and photograph them for the sale.

Your sale, without listing your address, will be promoted, up to two weeks before the sale.  The Auction Bidding starts when we first post the sale. There is a clear closing date and time for all bids. At this time the most activity occurs and the sales are completed. There is a prearranged  date and time for the winners to pick up their won lots. We allow one person at a time to enter the house for the safety of the visitors as well as the protection of your home. We are staffed with educated sales people and security personnel and parking attendants if warranted.

At the completion of the sale, anything that is left over, if appropriate, will go to our Consignment Shop or we will help you decide upon disposition of the remaining articles.  If you require a complete auction clean out, we have a team of people who can load dumpsters, clean the house and make it ready for the closing.


Sunset Dining Room

Fine Furniture

Beautiful furniture is one of the most popular items at a  sale. After our initial consultation, we will research its value to help determine proper pricing. In preparation for the  sale, we will stage your furniture, photograph it and attend to the cleaning or polishing where necessary.

For high value antiques, vintage period or designer pieces, we can also recommend other venues for selling including private collectors and the trade.

Antiques & Collectibles

From fine china, crystal, silver, rugs, jewelry, clothing and accessories, books and decorative items, we present them in our photography to their best display. We ensure your treasures will  be shown in their best light.

We will appraise your items and give you guidance on their worth. For the rare and highly sought after collector's item, we will offer other selling opportunities so you will receive as close to market price as possible.

18th Century Commode Chest of Drawers

Private Sales for Collectors and the Trade


Private Sales are set up either by invitation only or by appointment only. This allows true collectors and high end designers to view your items in a more controlled and much more pleasant environment.

Childhood Collectibles

Dealers and collectors who seek to find the treasures they love. Through our wide ranging promotion of your sale -  if we show it, they will bid.

Never think that buyers won't be interested in "that old thing." You would be surprised what the value is of something that seems past its prime.

This is why it is vital that you do not throw anything away before we have our first consultation. Once we go through everything, we will guide you on what you should keep and what you can discard.

Vintage GI Joe Collection
Small English Oil on Canvas
19th Century Belgian Pastoral
19th C Portrait of Child Silver Creek An
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