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Exciting new acquisition -

William de Kooning (1904-1997)
“The Man and The Big Blonde”

Limited Edition Offset
Lithograph # 121/150.

1982 Signed in pencil.

18th C American Limner Portraiture

Early 19th C Limner Painting, Long Island Artist
Early 19thC Long Island Limner Portrait
English Dog Portrait
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oil on Canvas

Animal Portraits

Etching San Francisco
Watercolor Rainy Day Women

Ashcan School

Albert Flanagan New York Scene
NY Harbor 1930
Etching Washington Square
Central Park West Etching
Arline Wingate, American. Bronze, "Living Torso"
Wayne Davis, "Sept. Owls Head, Me." Oil on Canvas 1970s
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